Welcome to widgyts’s documentation!

widgyts is a package built on jupyter widgets intended to aid in fast, interactive, exploratory visualization of data. If you have a dataset you’d like to explore but aren’t completely sure about what parameters need to be tuned to make the visualization that best representes your data, widgyts is the package for you! widgyts has been designed to work as a companion to yt, but it is also flexible and can handle any mesh-based data.

widyts includes a dataset viewer for yt, as well as a fully client-side pan-and-zoom widget, using WebAssembly, for variable mesh datasets from yt. It runs in the browser, so once the data hits your notebook, it’s super fast and responsive! This will allow you to quickly update your visualization to figure out how best to illustrate the interesting aspects of your data.

If you’d like to dig into the Rust and WebAssembly portion of the code, you can find it at Github and in the npm package @data-exp-lab/yt-tools.

Check out our SciPy 2018 talk and the associated slides for more info!

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